Goodbye Turkey

A view down the Bosphorus

As many of you know, we have been in Turkey for six years. That's quite a long time for us to remain in one country! We have enjoyed being here and have made many friends, and, in one way, we will be sad to leave; but now it's time to move on!

Our plan is to visit as many friends and relatives as we can in the coming months, beginning with Clare, in Norwich, England, and Suzi, over there from Australia and temporarily in Midhurst for the polo season.

This blog is so that everyone can follow our journey from beginning to end (although, at the moment we are not quite sure where that end will be!). Our plan, at the moment, is to go to the UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand and then… who knows?

Although we are looking forward to our travels, we are sad to leave the wonderful people we met in Turkey – especially our very kind neighbours in Zekeriyakoy. I am sure we will be back one day, but for now it's, ‘So long, and thanks for all the fish!’


  1. Yay... Nice to see you are finally on the move! Can't wait to see you when you get to SA! Hope you've got your Hitch Hikers Guide!

  2. Just wondering if Dad is considered to be a not-yet geriatric or a not-yet gapper?

  3. Enjoy the world- and maybe we'll see you in South Australia- Mair

  4. Hi
    I thought it would be nice to meet you at the Chewing Gum and have a jog around the forest.

    Might have to relive that fantasy in NZ in December.

  5. Hi there GGs. We are looking forward to following your travels, and remember you are welcome in ES or Guatemala whenever you wish.
    J and C

  6. Hi to you both...

    Istanbul is going to be a much sadder place without you. The only couple I know who can make something out of nothing, lemonade out of lemons :) and keep everybody else going with big smiles. Now that you have built our little village school to a well known educational institution, you both deserve a rest! Have a fantastic time, you will bring a ray of sunshine wherever you may be. We will miss you. xxYates Clanxx

  7. hi ..do we get to see you when you touch down in the uk?... kyran mobile so have my hands full...sounds like you ahve an incredible trip planned... good for you guys..see ya soon

  8. Sounds like fun. Just one question from an obviously ignorant Australian....what is a gapper??????
    Annie Cupples

  9. Dear Annie

    A 'gapper' is usually a student who takes a year off - as in a 'gap year'. We are taking our gap year rather later in life, so are geriatric gappers -get it? What do Australians call it?

    By the way, how are you? We miss you already!


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