Waiting Around!

We are in a hiatus at the moment as we are still waiting for our stuff to arrive from Turkey and we can’t go anywhere until it does! That is not to say we are in the least bit bored! Every day there are newspapers and a bewildering array of magazines, to read; plus the Times crossword, the Sudoko, the Killer Sudoku, the Times 2 crossword, the Polygon and the Codeword to do. All those who have lived in foreign parts will know this is bliss! I have also managed a four-day detox – very necessary after the excesses of the Gold Cup weekend! This was going to be a seven-day detox but I weakened when the wine was brought out for dinner on day five.

Clare is very busy writing up her thesis for her PhD and Suzi has departed these shores for Sotogrande in Spain, so it’s just as well there is plenty to do as we wait for the truck to arrive from Turkey. We also spoke to Jane (in South Africa) yesterday and she and her family are fine, so all is well with the world.

We seem to have miraculously missed all the rain that has fallen in recent days. Judging from the news reports, the west of the country has had a torrid time, but we have escaped. Some rain has fallen, but not in large quantities, and usually at night – just enough to test our new shed which fortunately managed to withstand the weather.

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  1. Hi Liz, Dave and girls. We are following you and looking forward to your travels...


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