The bandstand in Ely, England

It appears that we have been waiting in vain for our baggage as, contrary to what we were led to believe, it hasn’t even left the depot of the shipping company in Istanbul! At least we know now that we are free to go visiting for the foreseeable future. Today we are off to New Waltham, Humberside, to see David’s mother and sister and family. I am sure New Waltham used to be in Lincolnshire, but it appears to have been rezoned for some reason.

Clare playing the horn

David relaxing in the shade

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Ely with Clare as her band was playing in The Maltings, on the banks of the Great River Ouse. The day was glorious and we found a spot in the shade to read the Sunday papers and listen to the band – bliss! We then attended sung evensong at the cathedral and stayed to listen to an organ recital by Matthew Carlton, a brilliant young organist from Durham University. The acoustics in the cathedral are magnificent and the voices of the visiting choir (Hatfield College, Durham) soared to the very roof of this magnificent building. For us, it was a very fulfilling and typically English Sunday.


  1. What happened to Slick Stick Chicks? I get a giggle from the Press centre every day!

  2. Scroll down Jane.They're at the bottom of the page. I just couldn't resist that Press Centre gag, Clare could hardly take the picture for laughing!

  3. Phew I thought they were gone!!! Inspired sense of humour!


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Press Centre
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