Still Waiting!

We had a great time staying with Margy and Bernard – many, many thanks by the way! David’s mother is very fit – she walked along the pier in Cleethorpes and then along a long stretch of the promenade – and now, at eighty-seven, is seriously thinking about going on holiday to South Africa where there is one new great-grandchild (Louise’s first) and another on the way (Jane’s second).

We, meanwhile, are back to waiting around for our baggage to arrive. We believe that it has now reached customs here, or should have, given the latest information, so now we wait to hear exactly when it will be delivered. Unfortunately it looks like we are in for a spell of rain, which is exactly what we don’t need, given that we have to take off the packaging and shoehorn everything into the shed!

Talking of packaging leads me to my latest gripe. How does one know which type of plastic can be recycled and which type cannot? We are continually being exhorted to recycle and to ensure that we put the correct materials in the appropriate bins (and they are even threatening to send bin-police round to make sure we do!). Fortunately we have Clare who is able to differentiate between the various plastics, so now we leave all plastic in a pile on the draining board for Clare to inspect and distribute accordingly. Imagine being arrested for not being able to sort plastic into recyclable and non-recyclable piles!!!!

It would be much easier if the retail companies limited their use of plastic all together. Clare was in the checkout of a supermarket behind a man who removed all the packaging from the various products he had bought and discarded it at the till. Perhaps if we all did that the supermarkets would be forced to demand that their suppliers cut down on unnecessary packaging. Can you imagine the piles of rubbish that would be left behind on a busy Saturday morning!

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