Arrival in South Africa

Flying high

What is it with BA? The space between the seats is so narrow that it is impossible to stand upright when getting in and out. David had an especially hard time as the seat in front of his was broken and he spent the entire trip with the man in front practically sitting on his lap! He pointed this out to the stewardess and she promised to get back to him - we are still waiting! Unfortunately we hit a lot of turbulence during the flight which made it impossible to sleep (not BAs fault I hasten to add) so we were rather tired when we landed.

Once in Jo'burg everything ran smoothly. David's brother, Paddy, picked us up from the airport and we spent two very happy days with family. The great thing about our family is that, no matter how long we are apart, the minute we are back together it seems as if we have never been away! David was in heaven, he watched the three Twenty20 games, a world cup rugby match and the England versus Russia football match; but best of all these was when he watched Zimbabwe beating the world champions, Australia. I, meanwhile, was co-opted into Beddie's business empire and spent a happy time working with Irene.

Today we flew to Durban to spend time with our daughter, Jane. The flight was just over am hour, but they served us the most deliciously fresh, stuffed pitta bread (eat your heart out those who suffer the dreaded boxes on short-haul flights on KLM or Alitalia). We have just had a very pleasant dinner with Jane and Sean (Shannon is tucked up safely in bed).

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  1. Sounds like the flight was a bit of a nightmare! Glad that you're having a great time in South Africa though. xxx


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