Preparing for Stage Two

This week Suzi arrived from Spain and we took her to see David’s mother before we all left for foreign parts. David’s sister Margie and his mother met us half way between Norwich and New Walton for a pub lunch. I couldn’t resist the Steak and Ale Pie with mashed potatoes and peas (as you can see, the diet isn’t going too well!).

More blackberry picking today! Clare, Suzi, Jessica and I went walking along the hedgerows filling our basket with the biggest juiciest blackberries we could find – most of them nestling among the nettles. No danger of arthritis in the hands then!
Tomorrow, Monday, David and I are flying off to SA and Suzi is returning to Australia for ten days to pack up her house before she joins us. I usually enjoy airports and flying, but I am not looking forward to Heathrow, or flying BA for that matter. We have always had bad experiences flying with BA – one can only hope they have improved their service!


  1. Hello Elizabeth and David.... Your blog spot is amazing, and it's great to see you both look so, so , so relaxed. We miss you both loads at school and wish you were here. Keep up the fun and hope to see you again one day :) All the Yates :) xx

  2. Dear Mr and Mrs Couglan
    Geriatric Gapper is hardly a fair term! I see you are on your way to SA and should you be in the Pietermaritzburg area it would be lovely to see you! All Nivens are now in PMB, George at St Annes, Penny at the Uni. George is conversant with new technology, Penny is not! Despite that please let us know if you are in the area. You would be more than welcome to stay or to dinner or to tea or to just pop by... I can be reached on 0833915774, George 0834615438 or land line 0333433191
    My email is willniven@hotmail.com
    Love Will Niven


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