Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi, Zimbabwe

These are the intrepid fishermen! From the left: Brian, Martin, 
David, Tim, Paddy and Terry in the front.

David is still in Zimbabwe visiting family, but Paddy has returned with some great photos of the fishing trip. Typically, David, the novice fisherman, turned out to have the most success and caught the most fish!!

This is the plane in which they flew from Harare up to the Zambezi. 
From the left: Terry, Paddy, David, Martin and Brian.

David was thrilled to catch this Tiger Fish...

...but he was even more delighted to catch this one!!!

They were all thrilled when they spotted the lion on the opposite bank to their camp...

...and ellies too!!!

Here are the Coughlan brothers all together at last! 
From the left: Terry, Martin, Tim, Paddy and David.


  1. Wow Dad - the intrepid fisherman!!!!! You must have been delighted. It looks like you had a great time on your fishing trip. xxx

  2. Heh heh, why is there ever any doubt that dad is the best??? What a great trip you must have had, though I am surprised you were not thrown overboard for hogging all the fish! Sean is EXTREMELY jealous and busy planning HIS trip as he reads this!


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