Here is a photo of our Jo’burg family (Ian is missing); from the left Irene, Liam, Paddy, Karen and Kian.

After the quiet of Baden, there is the bustle of Jo’burg! Here life runs at a faster pace!

…and these are the Bedfords – from the left: Kian, Ian (known as Bedi), Karen and Liam.

On Tuesday, I was fortunate to accompany Irene on a trip to visit Danny and Rina’s (Irene’s cousin and his wife) luxurious weekend pad out at Bronkhorstspruit Dam. The weather was glorious and I couldn't believe that we were only a forty minute drive from Jo’burg! We returned home in time to go to the Christian Brothers’ College to see Liam play cricket and to be declared ‘Man of the Match’. Well done, Liam!
Since then I have been mainly shopping …and also… shopping – not for myself, I hasten to add, as the space in my suitcase is finite. I have, though, thoroughly enjoyed shopping with Karen, both for business and pleasure.

Tomorrow, David arrives back from Zimbabwe and I, for one cannot wait to hear his impressions of that once great country. One extraordinary fact is that when he arrived there were 500,000 Zim dollars to the American dollar and three weeks later there are 1,000,000 Zim dollars to the American dollar! Unbelievable!!


  1. Hi Mom!! jsut so you know i am reading your blog! i am at an internet Cafe in BA.. i love it here.. i sent you an email i think to the right address.. i am unable to send texts overseas from here so i will have to email you my news.. hope you are well lots of love to everyone! xx

  2. Suzi, did you get my reply to your email? I'm concerned that there is a problem with sending emails. Please let me know. xxx

  3. Say hi to the Jo'burg Coughlans and Bedfords from us (and enjoy all the shopping!) xxx

  4. Hello..... hello.... is anyone out there....


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