Farewell South Africa

Sean, Jane and Shannon 

 We have spent the last two weeks relaxing with Jane, Sean and Shannon while we make ready for the next leg of our trip. Jane really does live in a lovely spot, right next to a nature reserve. The only problem is the pesky monkeys that continue to plague her. Two cheeky monkeys even came into her kitchen and ripped open a new packet of apples and made off with two of them. Our final engagement here is to go Shannon’s Nursery School’s end-of-year concert before saying our farewells to Jane and family and flying to Jo’burg for David’s reunion lunch with some of his school friends from Chaplin (also Ian Smith’s alma mater). Then on Monday we say our final farewell to all our family in Jo’burg before leaving for Australia. Before we fly we hope to see Suzi in passing as she is flying in from Buenos Aires just before we fly out. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in South Africa and would like to say an enormous thank you to all our friends and family, both here and in Zimbabwe, for giving us such a wonderful welcome and for looking after us so well. We’ll be back!!!!

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  1. Hello Aunty Liz and Uncle David

    So sorry that I missed you call. It was a busy day at work. Hope you had a good flight and managed to see Suzi. I'm so so glad that you enjoyed your time here.

    What is you email address, I'll send some photo's of Richard and keep in touch.
    Our email is jal@badenklub.co.za

    bye bye
    lots of love


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