Hello and Goodbye to Family and friends

What has Shannon seen?

It was this monitor lizzard!

Jane, Sean and Shannon joined us on the farm in Boston for the weekend. Unfortunately all our plans of walking in the Berg were dashed with the dismal weather. Nonetheless, we had a relaxed and happy time together. The day we left the farm was warm and sunny as we said our goodbyes to Dave and Barbara. We so enjoyed our visit with them that we were sorry to leave.

On the way back to Jane and Sean’s house, we stopped off in Hilton to have lunch with some very old friends (in years not age) from Peterhouse in Zimbabwe. We last saw Penny and George and their sons, Will and Jo, in 1989 – the year we left Zimbabwe. We were also pleased to meet Georgie, their lovely daughter, for the first time, together with, Bernadette, one of Will’s friends. The lunch was perfect, beginning with a smoked oyster paté, for which I had once given Penny the recipe, followed by perfectly cooked fillet of beef accompanied by dauphinoise potatoes and an exquisite salad; with a raspberry bomb (another Peterhouse recipe) to finish – perfect! Penny always had an eye for detail and yet again it was flawless! The wine flowed freely and the conversation was non-stop as we alternated between reminiscing and catching up with current news. Truly a precious moment to be savoured! Thank you all so much! I am so sorry that we never got around to taking that photo!

The following day, David and I accompanied Jane and her niece Amy to Shannon’s school to watch the Catrobatkidz End of Year Awards Ceremony. We were treated to a delightful display of the work they had done during the year. Catrobatkidz is a preschool children's physical development programme that is designed to equip them with the skills they will need for future physical activities. It was obvious that the children were enjoying every minute of their display!

We were so proud to see Shannon receive her medal and her Certificate of Achievement Award. Now both our granddaughters have medals! Jessica also has one, for gymnastics.

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  1. I'm feeling quite hungry after reading the description of lunch with the Nivens! Sounds like you had a great time catching up!

    What a lovely picture of Shannon - she looks really proud of getting her medal and certificate! Tell her congratulations from us!

    Love and hugs
    Clare xx


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