Highmoor in the Drakensberg, South Africa

Highmoor in the Drakensberg

I actually completed a four-hour hike! Fortunately, the car did the climbing as it carried us up the foothills of the Berg to Highmoor below Giant’s Castle. Highmoor (as its name suggests) is a vast moor on a plateau in the mountains. The weather was glorious and everywhere we went there were masses of wild flowers of every hue – Dave and Barbara were in their element photographing and classifying the plants! Although we didn’t see much variety of game, there were plenty of buck about and also a troop of Baboon – who were, luckily, moving away from us and into the valley. Having once had a terrifyingly close encounter with a Baboon, I try to stay clear of them!

This is me on Highmoor (Avis, do you recognise your hat?)

I even managed to climb up here for lunch!

I made David test this bridge before I crossed!

On Sunday we all went to lunch with Jane, Sean and Shannon. She served a magnificent lunch and we went down to her dam afterwards to watch the Weaver birds trying to build their nests while the females tore apart those that didn’t meet their exacting standards. Barbara spotted a Monitor Lizard and Shannon claimed to have seen a dolphin – although the rest of us were a little sceptical!!


  1. On Sunday Sean and Shannon were also here for lunch!! That was a GREAT day - thanks for coming Coggies and Clulows!

  2. More lovely photos - very jealous! I hope you made it safely over the bridge? What a pity no one else saw the dolphin...


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