Happy Birthday!

In my haste to get this blog up-to-date, I quite forgot to mention my birthday celebrations! On 28 December I was sixty-five! I can’t imagine how I can possibly be sixty-five as I am still the same person I ever was and feel an indeterminate age – as long as I don’t look at the exterior me I could still be twenty-five!! Anyway, we had a celebratory lunch and then went to see the French film Priceless. The movie theatre is unique in that one takes one's wine and cheese platter into the theatre to watch the film. This probably enhanced the humour of the film and we came away feeling that we had had a very good evening! Unfortunately, Brian couldn’t be with us as he had to do his ‘postie’ round in Invercargill. (Brian has retired from being a headmaster and is currently cycling around Invercargill delivering the post – and enjoying his change of career!)

When Brian finally joined us again we decided that we just had to have another birthday dinner to include him, so we dined in style at the Postmaster Restaurant in Arrowtown. This is the same restaurant that Bill Gates’ family were seen in the following evening – they had obviously heard that it was the place to be once word got around that we had been there! I had a very happy birthday!

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  1. heh heh - well you do know how to party Mum! I'm sure Bill Gates' family didn't have as much fun as all of you! Sounds like you had an excellent birthday - glad to hear that you are feeling better now.

    We had a quiet New Year at home this year - a very nice roast lamb dinner, and Jessica entertained us with some sparklers. The holiday has gone very fast - I am back at work tomorrow and John and Jess are back on Thursday.

    Keep having a great time!
    Clare xxx


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