Learning new things in New Zealand!

On Sunday 3rd February we returned to Hampden (Avis and Brian’s bach) for ten days by the sea. Before we left for Hampden we went to Bluff, the southern-most point of New Zealand’s South Island. (Of course, Stewart Island is even further south, but unfortunately we will not manage to go there this trip.) Strong winds must be a constant feature there as all the trees and bushes were lying down against the rocks, unable to grow upright against the force of the wind.

This is not the furthest south we have been, however, as we visited Ushuaia when we were in Argentina and Suzi famously picked up her SFTEOTW
(stick from the end of the world, which I believe she has stored somewhere still!)

We also enjoyed a splendid dinner with dinner with Val and John, where I managed to knock a whole glass of wine all over Wayne and onto the floor! I was mortified, but everyone else seemed amazingly calm, (they knew something that I didn’t) and I learned a very useful household tip from this.

If you manage to spill RED wine over a beautiful PALE PASTEL carpet, immediately douse the wine stain with plenty of cold water and then blot with towels (as demonstrated in the photograph) – DO NOT RUB! Repeat as necessary and the stain will completely disappear .

As soon as this is done, throw the towels, tablecloth and any damaged clothing into the washing machine and wash on a cold cycle and – hey presto – everything back to normal! Now I knew why no one was too fussed. It really does work!

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