Queenstown Concert, New Zealand

Yesterday, we drove to the Millbrook Resort near Queenstown with Avis and her mother, Dot, to go to see Haley Westernra (a world famous NZ singer), Dave Dobbin (a well-known NZ singer) and Fiona Pears (a violinist – somewhat after the fashion of Vanessa-Mae). The setting was al fresco and the weather uncertain at first, but, although quite chilly, the sun shone and we all had a great time. Before the concert, David was taken for a hair-raising ride on Matt’s jet boat; I declined because it was too cold on the water. (Note to self: I must stop being such a wimp!)

From the left: David, Dot, Avis, Joelle and Matt


  1. Hi!
    i am jealous you went to see Dave Dobbin, i used to have his cd not sure what happened to it.. And Mum you are not a wimp I've been on the water in NZ and it FREEZING no matter how hot it is out!
    Sounds like you and Dad are having the time of your lives. Will you ever come back?? Lots of Love to you both xxx

  2. Back to where Sooze? It's notlike you are any less nomadic:)

    I would be torn between the lure of adventure and the cold, but I can certainly agree with Sooze that it is not wimpish... sensible is a far better term!


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