Mary Elizabeth Coughlan 1920 - 2008

In memory of David's mother

Her soul was gently borne away,
In the early hours of the day,
To where the angels take their rest;
A place of comfort for the blessed
Who lived with goodness, faith and love,
And pleased our Heavenly Lord above.
She was a mother, wife and friend
Who thought of others to the end.
We loved her gentleness and grace,
Her kindness and her smiling face.
Now we say, "Goodbye, Dear One,
Your life's complete, your journey done."

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  1. Just caught up with your news as we have been away on holiday. Really sorry to hear about David's Mum. It is so nice that the family all managed to get together at the end.

    Did you get a message from Cheryl Baillie re Wayne Matthews and the plane crash?


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