Because we are continually on the move and, until now, have been using other people's computers (immensely kind of them), I decided to invest in an ultra-portable laptop. We already have a laptop but it has a 17" widescreen and we felt it was a) too obvious and b) too big and heavy to lug around. My new laptop has an 11.1" screen and weighs only 1.2kg AND can fit into a handbag! OK, not your average small clutch bag, but I have seen numerous ones on the high street that will do! Only yesterday I ordered my Sony Vaio from John Lewis online and it arrived this morning at precisely 8.38 am. Excellent service! I have spent all morning playing with it and I am still smiling happily!

It seems as if we have been celebrating all week one way or another. Doctor Clare passed her viva, is getting her thesis printed and will graduate in July; it was David's birthday on Monday; his new job begins in August (as an educational consultant to a group of school in Turkey - yes it's back to Istanbul); for John, the dreaded SATs are over (although now he has all the marking to do as he is an official marker) and I have a brand new toy to play with - life is bliss!! In this photo Clare is saying, "Happy Birthday, Dad and congrats on your new job." David's reply was, "Thank you, Doctor Coughlan, I couldn't have wished for a nicer birthday present!" No wonder they are both looking so happy - although that might be partly due to the Verve Cliquot!

Oh, I nearly forgot! We are going back to Chiang Mai on Wednesday, and I know that Glynn has all sorts of activities to keep us busy!

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  1. Hey, doesn't that mean Clare gets automatic upgrades on flights now? Fieldwork obviously also has the added benefit of maintaining a healthy tan... even in England!


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