Kyran´s Christening

On Saturday the 24th of May, we drove down to Horley in Surrey for the Christening of Kyran, the son of Kevin and Shayna. We were delighted to see Paddy and Irene again (newly arrived from South Africa) together with Margaret and Bernard who had driven down from New Waltham in Lincolnshire. That evening, Shayna cooked us a delicious meal before we repaired to our B&B down the road.

There had been forecasts of rain for the following day but, fortunately, we were spared and, although the day began overcast, the sun was soon shining and we had a wonderful day. The service was held at their local Anglican Church, very near their home. In the photo are the two Godparents, Lynn and Tom. Interestingly, Tom was a friend of Kevin’s at Peterhouse in Zimbabwe at the same time as David was a Housemaster there. It was lovely to see him after all these years and to catch up wth his news.

After the ceremony, we went back to Kevin and Shayna’s house where they had erected a gazebo in the garden. The lunch was wonderful; all manner of canapés, sushi, various quiches and barbecued chicken, followed by Irene’s famous Milk Tart and, of course, the Christening cake in the form of a caterpillar – well done Shayna! Everything combined to make this a lovely occasion – one for the family archives!

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