Sheelagh James 1952 - 2008

David’s beloved sister, Sheelagh, passed away as the result of a car accident in Mutare, Zimbabwe, on Friday 30th May 2008. May her dear soul rest in peace.

Who could have dreamed, when you sat among us,
Amusing and radiant;
That now we would be mourning your passing,
Your seat forever vacant.
Dear Sheelagh, as wife, mother and sister,
Your love was ever constant,
And we, who also loved you in return,
Still feel you ever present.
Now our hearts, heavy with sadness, long to
Relive that precious moment
When we were carefree and laughed together,
Before your lips fell silent.
But you will remain forever with us,
A memory, so brilliant
It will never fade with time or distance.
You are still here, just… absent.

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