Completing the Circle, Back to Turkey


We arrived here, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, to be met by two delightful representatives of the school, Tuğba and Irem, and taken to our apartment on Bağdat Caddesi (Bagdad Street in English). We can see the Sea of Marmara from our bedroom balcony, and Bagdad Street, looking very much like a French Boulevard, from the front.

After all this strenuously stressful activity we needed to rest, so on Friday the company sent us, at their expense, to their resort in Şile, by the Black Sea. This place is amazing! It has replicas of the Roman aqueduct, Pamukkale's waterfalls, an ancient amphitheatre (seen in photo, below), a Venetian castle and the strange rock formations of Cappadocia! So, here we are, staying in a villa in delightful surroundings; but the best thing is that we have WiFi, as we have not had time to organise Internet connection at home yet.

On Wednesday David went to sort out his work permit and papers (while I went to find my hairdresser) and we were taken out to dinner for a delicious fish meal at a restaurant on the Bosphorus, by Tuğba, Erol and Roger.

On Thursday we went shopping at the new Istinye Park Shopping Mall; an amazing place – even David didn't mind being there as it is so light and airy! This mall has opened since we were last here, only one year ago, so I was very keen to go there; however, most of the shops can be found in our very own street, which turns out to be the Shopping-Mecca of the Asian side of Istanbul – yeah! That evening we joined Roger at his complex swimming pool for an evening of drinks and mezzes. 

Instead of spending time all our time at the pool, we have tended to spend most of it hunched over our lap tops!! On Sunday and Monday, thanks to Skype, David and I spoke to Suzi,in Australia; Clare and family then Margie, in England; Glynn in Thailand and Paddy then Jane, in South Africa. Who would have believed, even 10 years ago that all this would be possible – especially that, while speaking to them, we could see them all as well – all except Clare that is as she is still having problems with her camera!

David working hard in his new job!

Me swimming in the resort's pool


  1. Can't wait to come an visit you in Turkey! sounds like it could be a very costly visit! Am planning on xmas, I'd like to bring Neil with so he can meet you all properly so it really depends on his work... well i suppose also on what I might be doing by then! xoxoxo

  2. Wow: it must be so fabulously hot there for you to be in the pool Mom!!! Certainly worth taking the job if you get to go there every once in a while!

  3. Looks like life is stressful...

  4. ooh didn't see the photos before... Mummy can i move back home!! xoxoxo


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