Opera for All in Bagdat Caddesi, Istanbul

It appears that the operatic concerts will be a feature of our Sundays throughout the summer. How enchanting! This week we were entertained by Mete Taşın, tenor, and Ezgi Özbey, soprano, who were accompanied by flute, violin and piano. We noticed, from our balcony, that the aficionados had already taken all the seats by 8 o'clock, even though the concert didn't start until 9. Fortunately we had our own seats up in the gallery!

Thanks to Roger (seen to the left in the photo) I have been introduced to the local Tuesday Market. This market is absolutely huge and I can see that I am going to spend many satisfying Tuesdays there, as there is so much to see – and buy; added to which, the fresh fruit and vegetables are a must! Less than 50p for a kilo of lush-looking tomatoes!

We also caught up with Levy, Jax and Rosie, who are over here on holiday, visiting Levy's parents. It was great to see them. We went out to try one of the many restaurants along our street. 

There are so many of them that it was hard to make a choice, but we eventually found one that suited. One thing I love about Turkey is that in every restaurant the waiters are pleasant and cheerful and want to please you. It makes dining out such a pleasure!

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  1. Hi Mom,

    Great to hear you are having fun, your location seems to be nothing less than perfect. Hope you are well and hopefully we can speak soon!



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