Bağdat Caddesi, the Champs Élysées of Istanbul

Aliens visiting Bağdat Caddesi

Now we have our patio furniture, we often sit on our balcony watching the world go by on our street, especially as the sun goes down. I've heard Bağdat Caddesi referred to the Champs Élysées of Istanbul, and it is thought that it is the beginning of the ancient Silk Road that ran from Byzantium to China. A fascinating thought! Our apartment is next door to a Restaurant called Mid-point, so we think we are somewhere in the middle of this amazing street, that runs for 10 km or so, from Bostancı to Kadiköy.

We are continually enchanted by the happenings here. At the weekend we watched a magician perform in the window of the shop opposite, until we were distracted by a group of aliens passing by. Everything normal then!

I have been making an effort to keep fit, although it is tempting just to sit and watch the beautiful people wandering up and down the street. Apart from my long walks exploring our area, I have been taking the stairs up to our 4th floor apartment, all 75 of them! We do have a lift, but I only use it when I have really heavy shopping.

I have also discovered an 'alternative gym' under our block. They offer courses using 'power plates – the same machine Madonna uses to keep fit. I went to have a look and they offered me a free introductory lesson. They claim I will lose 10 cm from waist, hips and thighs in only 5 weeks! I just might take them up on it - although I don't really want to look like Madonna, I think she is looking quite scrawny lately.


  1. Just been talking to the Mulqueens so thought I should look up the blog again. Great to catch up with the busy lives that you are leading. That street sure sound like the hub of Istanbul.

    We are still working away here though I think Wayne does have some school holidays coming up. I am saving my leave until next year to visit Mark in London again.

    My Mum died 2 weeks ago and that was very sad but she was 90 and just worn out.

    See quite a bit of the Healeys as well. Avis's Mum had a stroke a few weeks ago but is fighting back.


  2. So sorry to hear about your Mum, Raewyn, although she did tell me she had had enough and was ready to go.

    I hope you can visit us too next year. Love to the Healeys and I hope Avis's Mum gets back her health.

  3. The person in the advert that you couldn't remember who is was is Peter O'Toole...

    Hope that all is going well with you guys. Your street sounds very exciting - we are really looking forward to our holiday there at Christmas!


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