Kadiköy and Şile, Istanbul, Turkey

Dick hard at work!

Exercise Turkish Style

After waving David off to work on Monday and having a leisurely breakfast, Marilyn, Dick and I walked down to the sea of Marmara and along the walkway. Although it was very hot, we stopped to play on the the machines in the exercise area before relaxing and watching the world go by from a nearby pavement café.

We then caught a bus to Kadiköy, a warren of pedestrian streets with lots of bars, shops and restaurants. One of Turkey's biggest fresh markets is there, and we saw wonderful array of fresh products, ranging from dozens of species of fresh fish and seafood to all kinds of fruit, vegetables and spices. An exotic sight! Our lunch was in a typical Turkish restaurant - very cheap and quite delicious!
On Tuesday we left David in Istanbul, while we went to Doğa Tatil Köyu - the company's resort. We arrived at 11 o'clock and immediately went to the pool as the weather was glorious. We almost had the whole pool to ourselves, there was only one couple there! Wednesday morning was also bright and sunny, but in the afternoon it began to cloud over so we went into Şile for a spot of sight-seeing and shopping. Although it began to rain, we found sanctuary in a restaurant with an amazing view and gorged ourselves on chocolate cake - such is life!

Marilyn and I had the whole pool to ourselves!

Overlooking the harbour in Şile

Now we are back in Istanbul and preparing to go to the Princes Islands for the weekend. More of that next week!

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  1. What a shame we'll be visiting in the middle of winter - the photos are great!!!!!


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