Happy 70th, Glynn!

Last Sunday (Columbus Day) was Glynn's 70th birthday. We started celebrating on Saturday evening with a dinner, at The Duke's Restaurant, with Frank, Becky and Richard. There was much hilarity and great discussions centred on old movies. Richard, who was involved with the movie industry for many years in America, told us countless anecdotes about well-known films. As a result I will never watch the likes of Cassablanca again without laughing! Richard told us that the movie, Cassablanca, was shot entirely in the studio, and, to make the ending have the right perspective, (that is where Humphry Bogart is saying farewell to Ingrid Bergman and uttering the imortal words, "We'll always have Paris!") they used a reduced sized aeroplane in the background and had midgets running around dressed as ground crew!

On Sunday we drove out to Tharnthong Lodge for lunch with David, a member of the choir, and Aow, a delightful Thai lady. To get there we drove up into the Mae Kam Pong Mountains to a beautiful wooded area. The lunch was excellent and Glynn's birthday was celebrated in style!

Yesterday I went to the Chiang Mai Silverware Factory, where traditional craftsmen and women produce sliver jewellery, together with silver artefacts, that is produced using the same methods they used in ancient times. Naturally, I couldn't resist buying some silver jewellery for myself!

Thai silversmith at work.

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  1. I see that you are keeping busy! I think that Jessica has the most exciting grandparents of anyone we know!

    Please pass on belated birthday wishes to Glynn


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