Surprise! I'm in Thailand!

Surprise, surprise! I am in Thailand! I flew to Bangkok last Friday (a week ago) and stayed overnight in the Alexander Hotel before flying on to Chiang Mai on Saturday. On Sunday, David left Turkey for an IB Heads' Conference in Marrakesh, and is now in Cassablanca. I've asked him to say hi to Sam!

The weather here is a change from Turkey, where it was beginning to get cold. Here, of course, the weather is also cooling as we are going into winter too, but the temperatures are vastly different. Today it is 18° and raining in Istanbul (according to the BBC weather centre) , but here it is 33° and sunny.

As always, Chiang Mai is a very busy place. I arrived at lunch time on Saturday and that evening we went to a concert at Payap University, where the final year music students were giving a recital. There was all kinds of music, from Mozart to Dizzy Gillespie, played on a variety of instruments, culminating in the Madrigal Choir that every music student is required to join. It was a most impressive performance by all!

This week I have been to Glynn's madrigal choir rehearsal; a Thai massage; a Broadway show rehearsal; a Chiang Mai Choral Society rehearsal; out to dinner every night and watched the DVD of Mama Mia!

I also said, 'Hi and Bye' to Barbara and Peter, long standing friends of Harry and Margaret, who have been staying with them, This was the last leg of their world tour, before returning to New Zealand. The photo is of their farewell dinner.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this rice in the shape of a teddy. I was quite enchanted to be presented with it at the 'See River Restaurant' in Chiang Mai! ...and just in case you ask, yes, we could see the river, we were right on the edge of the River Ping!

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  1. Jessica loves the way they serve rice!!!! Glad to see that everything is going well and that you are having a fabulous time!

    We are all well - Jessica and John only have a couple more weeks before half-term

    Love and hugs xxx


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