I Love Turkish Air

What is it about Turkish Air that makes it different from many other carriers in this region? One major difference is that Turkish Air still serves real food - as opposed to those dreaded boxes that are appearing on most continental airlines. On our flight we had a green lentil salad; a choice of Turkish-style sautéed chicken with fresh mixed vegetables and rice, or grilled salmon with fresh mixed vegetables and potato puree; followed by vanilla pancotta, biscuits and cheese. There were also hot, fresh rolls served separately; all manner of wines, beers, spirits and juices, as well as endless cups of tea and coffee. I chose the salmon and it was delicious - most restaurants couldn't have served better!

Because I am on the short side, my legs are often left dangling on flights (potential cause of DVT). Not so with Turkish Air, they have foot rests, so much more comfortable. Also, because of my height, I have often found most airline seats to be very awkward as my head is pushed forward by the so-called head rest. Turkish Air, on the other hand, has a much better design; they even have those wings you can pull out to stop your head lolling if you fall asleep. One teeny problem is that the seats are rather close together, but nobody's perfect!

I met some lovely people in the airport, and on the flight. One was, Erin, a young girl from Brisbane, Australia who is working in Cork, Ireland; a young Iranian from Wymondham who works at the Kettles Crisps factory and is also an English/Farsi translator, and the Turkish man sitting next to me on the plane, who lives in England and owns a fish and chip shop and a kebab shop in Edmonton. With all these new friends, the time passed really quickly and we were soon at Stanstead Airport where Clare was waiting to take me home to Jessica's birthday tea.

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