Life is Fun in Istanbul!

Last week we went to a charity performance of Turkish classical music, sung by Merve Utandı, a music teacher at David's school, and her father, Münip Utandı. The concert was given to raise money for the Mother and Baby Health Foundation and was really well supported. Münip Utandı is known as one of the most prominent interpreters of Turkish Classical Music today. They were accompanied by a traditional Ottoman Music Ensemble. The instruments being played were a kanun (Turkish zither); kemençe (a violin-type instrument); an ud (played like a guitar); a tanbur (another guitar-like instrument); a violin and a cello.

Merve and Münip sang about Istanbul, in songs dating from the 18th century onwards, against a backdrop of ever-changing slides showing scenes of the city from days gone by. The audience were ecstatic, many of them singing along, and they gave the performers a standing ovation.

Our street continues to entertain; this week, I noticed some filming taking place right outside our apartment. I was highly amused by the passing pedestrians, many of whom just walked into the action, quite oblivious of what was going on!

I suspect they were filming a local soap, it was too long to be an advertisement.

The weather has improved dramatically and today was almost like a balmy spring day. Being Tuesday, I was off to the Salı Pazar (the Tuesday Market). The market has recently moved location and for the first few weeks there was chaos. They seem to have sorted themselves out now and the market is huge, and in full swing.

The colourful Tuesday Market.

Next Monday (Jessica's birthday) I am off to England to stay with Clare for three weeks, during which time I am helping out at the Search Recruitment Fair in London. David, meanwhile, is off to Toronto, then London to recruit teachers for his school. Life is busy, but fun!

In my last post I showed our apartment from the outside. Here is our lounge-dining area. Our dining nook is behind the TV which is showing our fish tank, (actually it is the radio station on the TV, it shows a live fish tank - so easy to keep clean, and I never forget to feed the fish!)

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  1. I shall have to come back and do the market, now that it is organised!

    See you on Monday! xx


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