The Rain it Raineth Every Day in Istanbul

Just when we think the rain is going to stop, it starts again. Fortunately we have a perfect vantage point with which to view the street - without having to go out and get wet ourselves. (Our apartment is the one on the top left of this block.)

We have brought in the patio table and chairs from the balcony (too chilly to sit out there) and we have made a breakfast nook, in the window to the right of the balcony as you look at the photo (although we often eat dinner there as well!). From here we can look down on the comings and goings in Bağdat Caddesi.  It's such a busy street with
a constant stream of cars, motor bikes and pedestrians. Even I can name many of the luxury cars that pass by; I am getting quite an expert in spotting the make of vehicles.

This street is endlessly fascinating. We can see the street sellers running when the police are around; a group of boy beggars who run after the smartest cars and cadge for money, or 'help' people park and expect a reward; the fashionable shoppers; the mad drivers; the jay walkers and the window cleaners (they are always around, no wonder the windows sparkle). 'Watching the world go by' has taken on a new meaning!

Despite the weather, the restaurants nearby are still doing a roaring trade. Next door, on one side, we have Mid-Point, with The Nook on the other.
Across the road is our favourite restaurant, Cafe Cadde (Street Cafe). These restaurants mainly cater for the 'Beautiful People' who rock up in their Ferraris, Corvettes, top-of-the-range BMWs and Mercedes, not to mention the odd Bentley! Although they don't seem to mind when we turn up!

All day and every day these restaurants are full to capacity, often with queues waiting for tables. I thought, with the miserable weather, the clientèle might drop off a bit, but no, they are still bustling with activity. I'm really looking forward to summer when the restaurants move all that glass partitioning and they become street cafés again!

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