Search Recruitment Fair

Susan and Nancy, two of my co-workers at the fair.

From Wednesday 4th January to Monday 9th January I was working in London at the Search Recruitment Fair. Teachers and recruiters from all around the world gathered together for this very successful job fair. Although hard work, it was enormous fun and I met lots of interesting people there.

Among the recruiters (my daughters will be amused to learn), were Kevin Glass (left) and Gez Hayden (below), colleagues from the International School of South Africa days. Kevin is off to be principal of the International School of Atlanta, from his present position in Tashkent, and Gez is moving from his principal's job in China and will become a Search Associate, based in Thailand.

I also met Chris from Zimbabwe, who was a housemaster at Peterhouse, where we were for seven years - although not at the same time. I discovered that Chris is friends with David's brother, Terry. It is a very small world. Chris would love to return to Zimbabwe so he is hoping things will improve - we can only hope.

The fair had been organised by Harry and Margaret, who I stayed with in Thailand. (Glynn was holding the fort back at the office, so he wasn't there.) My co-workers were Susan and Nancy (both of whose husbands are Search Associates), Amelia (Gez's wife) and Michael (Harry and Margaret's son). We had such fun. I really hope I get to do this again!

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  1. Hello there,

    We have not been good at keeping in touch. Tried to send a text message when we were having a night out with the Healeys but do not have a current number. Can you send us one through please.

    Have had an update of the BLOG and seen what you have been up to. We leave here 25th June to head over to London and Austria where Mark is in an Iron Man event. Still hoping we will get to Istanbul as well. Will email an update soon.



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