The Power Plate - Vibration Technology

Me being photo bombed. I could see him in the mirror in front of me!

Underneath our apartment block is an 'Alternative Gym Centre'. Having got to the point of desperation with the flab that seems to be taking over my body, I finally decided to see what made the gym 'alternative' and whether they could help rid me of all my wobbly bits.

The staff at the gym are delightful and they showed me their machines. They use Power-plates, the very same type of machine that Madonna uses for her training (although that could be a downer as I really don't want to look like her!)

The Power-plate was originally developed by a Russian scientist in 1975 for the space programme, to help the astronauts get fit enough to spend much longer in zero gravity, and was further developed by the Dutch Olympic trainer Guus van der Meer. Apparently, the vibrations of the Power-plate transmit waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second. This can enhance one's overall fitness in sessions as short as 15 minutes a day, three times per week.

Only three times a week for fifteen minutes? That sounded like my kind of exercise, so I signed up immediately! However, if I thought I was just going to stand there and shake off the fat, I was soon to find out otherwise. There is a routine of exercises to be done on the machine as it vibrates. I was given a personal trainer, Burcu, who, although she looks sweet, is very strict and makes sure that I do the exercises properly. (See Burcu and me, left, with friends Gür and Neslihan behind us).

At first, I did each exercise twice for 30 seconds each, this has now been increased to 60 seconds. Unfortunately my training was interrupted as I had a most virulent form of flu for a week, but I am now on course and we will see what happens. I signed up for 20 sessions and, hopefully, my efforts will prove fruitful. Although I must confess that my favourite part of the lesson is at the end when I get to lie on the machine and have a massage!

This week David has been in Dubai recruiting teachers and next weekend I am off to Windsor, England for an 'Old Girls' Reunion'. It should be great fun - the last one was!

This is me with Kazım, who runs the Alternative Gym Centre, 
and personally oversees everyone's fitness programme. - including mine!


  1. Looks good Mum! Best of luck with the fitness regime, and enjoy it! xxx

  2. Wow Mum that's fantastic and sounds like fun (I like the massage part!) xx


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