East Anglian Sojourn

For us, Jessica was the star of the Ballet Show! She danced beautifully. Unfortunately, we were too far from the stage and my camera wasn't up to the task of capturing the moment, so I don't have any photos yet. I hope to get some soon, meanwhile, here is a photo of Jessica with Clare.

Last Sunday, Clare, John, Jessica and I went to lunch at The Swan in Hoxne (pronounced Hoxen - don't ask!) with Dick and Marilyn (David's cousin). We had a wonderful lunch and, afterwards, I went back with Dick and Marilyn, to stay with them for a few days in their village of Long Melford (so-called because it has a very long village street).

After a good lunch at The Swan in Hoxne.

The next morning we went on a tour of this historic village, which dates back to 1 000 BC. I will go into more detail about this fascinating village in my next blog. We had lunch in the Crown Hotel - and dinner too! Excellent! In between lunch and dinner, Dick and Marilyn's daughter, Katie arrived with Amelia and her new baby. Delightful!

Dick took this beautiful photo of Katie and her baby with his Canon EOS 450D 
(I am very jealous!! That is the camera I want!)

Dick and Marilyn enjoying a glass of fine wine at The Crown in Long Melford.

Dick's MG outside his house in Long Melford, Suffolk.

On Tuesday, Dick took me for a spin in his MG, we roared through Sudbury and Cavendish - pausing only to take a photo of the latter's typically chocolate-box scene. It was great fun! Later that afternoon, Philip and Michele visited, with their son, Jacob, who showed me his scrap book of their holiday in the Cayman Islands. Such a beautiful memento! Dinner that night was at Gappmaiers; a real gourmet experience!

Philip, Jacob, Marilyn, Michele and Me in Dick and Marilyn's garden

Life can be so hard sometimes!

Wednesday was my last day with Dick and Marilyn and they drove me back to Hockering. On the way we visited Bury St Edmonds. This is the old capital of East Anglia and where the matyred Saxon King Edmond was brought to be buried. We walked in the gardens of the great Abbey of St Edmund and examined the ruins before going into the cathedral. There, they were rehearsing for the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury. St Edmonsbury Cathedral (begun in 1503) is magnificent and it is difficult to imagine that the striking Lantern Tower was only completed in 2005!

St Edmondsbury Cathedral. 
Can you believe that the magnificent tower is only four years old!

Jessica was very excited on Friday as her granny went to school to help with the afternoon sewing activity! Jessica is making a pencil case from felt, which she has decorated with coloured stripes. Unfortunately, British laws don't allow proud grannies to take photos of children in schools (in case another child is inadvertently in the photo and the parents can sue!!!!!), so I cannot show a picture of Jessica sewing, but she was very good!

Now I am back in Istanbul and the weather is hot and sunny. The Sunday night operatic concerts have begun again and David and I can enjoy them from our seats in the gods!


  1. Love all the pics! I felt particularly sorry for you in the hammock... Hope all is well back in Istanbul


  2. Sounds like you had a great holiday Mummy! I hope I can match it although getting out and about for trips might be a little harder with my bub! We'll manage though! xoxo

  3. Clare - the photo of you and your daughter is fabulous.
    Say hi to M and P and J and S

  4. Hi, Judith!We will be in England from 30th June to 12th July. Are you there then?


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