Of This and That in Istanbul

The weather has been very hot and humid. Today it is threatening to rain (which would be a relief) but so far - nothing! We heard an extraordinary sound today, considering that we are in the middle of a city. We heard Christmas beetles (or cicadas, as they are also known). The noise was quite deafening and it came from the trees lining our street. David said that it's nature's way of fighting back from ever-encroaching urbanisation. Christmas beetles like to sing in unison, they are either all making a noise or silent; it's very odd!

Of course, they are not the only wildlife in the trees, there are also lots of bird's nests and, before the beetles, there were lots of baby birds chirping for their mothers. Fortunately, all the wildlife is quiet at night, as today is Sunday and we are waiting for our regular Sunday night opera! It is very popular, all the seats are taken an hour before the concert starts. We don't have to worry though, with our privileged position.

Patrons wait patiently, while the tenor, still in his shorts, talks with the sound man.

The opera is not the only music in our street, there are often strolling musicians, 
now that it is summer.

This week we took David's personal assistant, Nazlı, out to dinner, to thank her for all the sterling work she has done this year. We had a wonderful evening in our favourite restaurant, Cafe Cadde.

There is a new building going up just opposite us. I find watching the men at work quite compelling. It's like a horror movie; I'm expecting something shocking to happen every minute. It's quite nerve wracking, but it's hard to tear myself away. I can't think what 'elf an safety would have to say! In the photo below, the boards those men are standing on are quite loose, and rock as they walk about. The man in the middle was moving planks about and dropped one. I just hope that no one was standing on the ground!

Tomorrow, I am off to see the orthopedic surgeon again to get my stitches out, ready for our next trip. We are off to stay with Dick and Marilyn for a few days and then on to stay with Clare, John and Jessica, before returning to Istanbul for the arrival of Wayne and Raewyn, who are on holiday from New Zealand.


  1. Hi Mummy!
    Glad your foot is better, just in time to go to UK! (Again!) Lady of leisure INDEED! Hope to get to chat to you and Dad plenty while you are there, and maybe catch Clare in amongst her busy Schedule! lots of Love xxx

  2. Hi Suzi!
    I look forward to reading some more of your blog - when you update it! Only one more month and we will be in Australia - we're sooooo looking forward to it!! xxxx


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