The New Member of Our Family

We welcome Katelyn Marie to our family. She was born on 24th July 2009 weighing 3.27kg. Congratulations, and love, to Suzi and Neil (and, of course, Katelyn). xxx

Katelyn on her very first day. Just look how alert she is!

Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. So gorgeous! Please give Katelyn big hugs and kisses from us when you see her next week xxx

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  3. And from me too! And that alertness is the bonus you get from a drug free labour! Well done Suz!

  4. Wow well done another lovely little grandaughter. not sure of your travel dates but think you would not get there till after Katelyn was born. We are back home now and into work already!!! Holidays go too fast.

    have a great time in Aussie.



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