Wayne and Raewyn's Visit to Istanbul

Raewyn, Wayne and David resting on the sea wall, with the Prince's Islands in the background

We had a wonderful few days catching up with our friends, Wayne and Raewyn from New Zealand. They used to teach in Turkey, that is how we first met them. We have seen them since they left Turkey as we travelled around the coast of South Island, New Zealand with them, when we took our geriatric gap year, and stayed in their home.

Raewyn, Wayne and David in the fitness park.

While they were here, we caught up with all their news and they got to visit some of the Turksh teachers they worked with when they lived here. We all agreed on two things: we wish that Avis and Brian had been here to share it with us, and we must meet again in the not-too-far distant future.

Raewyn by the flowers seller's stall in Bagdad Street.

In our favourite restaurant, Cafe Cadde.
One of our favourite waiters managed to get in on the act!

Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. Hey great to relive last week again. Love the catch up and have read about yur holiday in London as well.

    days running out over here now.


  2. Good luck with your flights back to NZ. We loved your visit. Hopefully it won't be too long before we see you again!

    Love from us both xx


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