McJeff, HD TV, Dinner and a Wedding

We spent the remainder of our time in England with Clare, John and Jessica. John was very busy with two plays he was producing, one end-of-term play for the school he teaches in and the other for an after-school community youth group. John wrote both plays himself. The school play was "McJeff", where a teacher wants to overthrow the head and become headmaster himself. It contained the immortal words, "Is this a scheme of work I see before me?" Apparently, the play was hilarious and the parents loved it - although the teachers were left wondering just who the main characters were based on.

With John's new HD TV, everyone can become a sports photographer! If John will let me, I will try the wildlife channels next time I am in England!

While we were there, John proudly took delivery of his new HD TV and the whole Sky package to go with it. As a result, we were able to see the final at Wimbledon with amazing clarity and David was able to watch the beginning of the test match.

Clare and John dressed for Sarah and Aidan's Wedding

Although John was absent for much of the time with rehearsing his plays, we managed to spend some quality (and shopping) time with Clare and Jessica. On our last Friday, Clare and John took us all out to dinner at Prezzo's in Norwich to celebrate David's birthday, rather belatedly! The photo shows Jessica filling in puzzles, courtesy of the restaurant.

The next day, we were especially happy to look after Jessica while Clare and John went to the wedding of their good friends, Sarah and Aidan. So far I have spent time with both Clare and Jane and, on 30 July, we fly to Australia to spend time with Suzi, Neil and their new baby. We are very blessed!

Like all little girls, Jessica likes to wear mummy's shoes!

A close-up of Clare's new Karen Miller Shoes


  1. Mummy I can't wait for my turn to have you!!! I hope I can provide as much fun and entertainment for you while you are here!

  2. Just being there will be enough fun and entertainment! xxxx


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