The Hills are Alive ...with kangaroos!

Both mother and baby are doing well!

Katelyn is growing apace and has already outgrown her new-born-baby outfits. She is such a good baby, she mostly eats and sleeps, although Suzi is now beginning to introduce playtime. So sweet! She also loves it when Suzi takes her out in the pram for a walk. Long may it continue!!

Katelyn on her play mat, quite relaxed!

We have been able to take some glorious walks up the hill behind Suzi and Neil's house. It's magic! Not a sound to be heard but a chorus of bird song and the occasional thump, thump, thump of the kangaroos as they flee our presence. I have tried so hard to capture the kangaroos on camera, but they are too fast. What I need is a hide where I could sit and watch and wait until they appear.

If you look VERY carefully, you will see two kangaroo to the right of the picture against the skyline.

The bird life is very exotic too. Unfortunately, although I have a new digital SLR camera, I still have to buy my mega zoom lens, so I haven't managed any useful images of birds - all in good time! There are also foxes, deer, possums and a strange creature called an echidna (looks rather like a porcupine). Here is an image of one trying to bury itself in the grass.

Ozzy Dave in his drover's hat


  1. Oh my how it hurts not to be able to pick up and cuddle that precious little baby :(

    Suzi looks fabulous as usual! Love the kangaroos Mum (!) and doesn't my Dad look dapper!

    Miss you all loads

  2. Super pics! Katelyn is absolutely gorgeous, and I love Dad in that hat! Keep up the photos! xxx

  3. Yes Dad really suits that Hat...

    I have given you an award Mum, you can pick it up here http://tankgirl77.blogspot.com/2009/08/i-got-award.html

    Ejoy it and hope you get home safe and sound!


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