Istanbul to Sydney via Singapore and Adelaide

Our flight to Australia was VERY LONG! It took ten-and-a-half hours from Istanbul to Singapore, then a seven hour stop over in Singapore before catching our Quantas flight to Sydney - stopping briefly in Adelaide. The time in Singapore passed surprisingly quickly as a new Doctor Fish Spa had just opened. Always ready to try anything new, I opted for a twenty minute Doctor Fish Foot Spa, followed by thirty minutes of reflexology massage.

Apparently, this slightly bizarre treatment began in Turkey, where people are totally immersed with these fish. In Changi, you only have to dangle your feet in among them. The fish are Garra Rufa fish and they love to nibble away at dead skin, leaving the feet smooth and very clean. The mouths of the fish are like little suckers and it feels rather ticklish when they nibble away. It actually felt quite soothing for my poor swollen feet after the long flight. The secret of these fish is an enzyme in their saliva, which is good for the skin.

After my session with the doctor fish, I had the reflexology massage, which was great. I was able to lie back in the chair and have my poor, aching feet and lower limbs restored to normality before our next flight.

We enjoyed our flight on Quantas; the cabin crew were great and kept us entertained. We were delayed on the Tarmac before leaving Adelaide as a rather drunk and abusive woman was escorted off the plane by four state policemen; and then her luggage had to be taken off. The cabin crew had refused to fly with her in that state as they couldn't be sure what she would do once we were in the air.

The Boat Show in Darling Harbour

Once in our hotel in Sydney, we took to our bed and slept all afternoon. That evening, we walked around Darling Harbour for some exercise. The boat show was on and there were some stunning boats in the harbour. We then ate in the hotel restaurant and crashed once more so that we would be in a fit state for our four-hour train journey to Scone the next day.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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  1. The fish spa looked interesting... I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like that!

    Hope that you're having a fabulous time at Ellerston. Please give Katelyn a big kiss from me xxx


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