Life in the Hunter Valley, Australia

Neil and Suzi's house at Ellerston in the Hunter Valley

Daddy Neil has the magic touch with Katelyn.

Mummy Suzi is already out and about walking the baby up and down the drive to their house.

We arrived in Scone a week ago to be met by Suzi, Neil and baby Katelyn. I can't believe how quickly the days are sailing by! The countryside here, in the Hunter Valley, is beautiful and very peaceful. The nearest house to Neil and Suzi's is one kilometre away and their driveway is so long we don't even hear the occasional passing car! We have hardly moved from the house. We have been to town once to shop and take Katelyn for her hearing test (passed with flying colours - naturally); and to Ellerston twice, once to the little shop there and once to the club to have dinner, but as it is only 15 minutes down the road to the main buildings, it is hardly a mission!

Dinner at the Ellerston Club

Suzi has recovered well from the traumas of labour and Katelyn is quite delightful. We keep busy with household chores like herding the chickens into the veggie garden (see photo of David the Chicken Herder!) and Suzi and I have been baking. On Tuesday we will go to town again to take Katelyn for her first visit to the clinic to be weighed and measured.

David the Chicken Herder

The view down the drive from the house

This is the view from our bedroom window


  1. Ha ha - maybe Dad missed out on a great career as a chicken herder! Wow you can really see how much Katelyn looks like Neil in the photo! She is definitely his daughter! Enjoy the rest of your stay and send love to everyone xxx

  2. Yes, I also think Dad makes a good chicken herder! Perhaps you, John and Jessica can think about coming here for your holidays next year. I am sure you would have a great time!

  3. I remember Dad once waxing lyrical about the guy who tends the tap at the picnic spot in Whange! I think he enjoys the simple things in life! So retiring to chicken herding then! Suz and Neil... I AM JEALOUS!!!

  4. Wow whole set up over there looks great. You will be so enjoying the peaceful life style after life in busy Istanbul. Lovely having so much time with your family.

    We are just away out to the local production of My Fair Lady. Sure it will be fun.



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