The Zimbabwe Chronicles Part 2

Following lunch at Chitora, we all drove to Brian's home in Mutare, where we found Brian, Brian William, Lindsay, Lauren, Steven, baby Findlay, a lot of Australians - and chaos. Flo immediately took charge of Findlay, while the rest of us tried to help in some way, but, Sue, the wedding planner, was rather stressed so we didn't stay too long. We left to visit Lynne instead. What a lovely person she is!

Flo amuses Findlay, while Lauren and Sue look on.

Karen is amused at the efforts to put up a shade tent.

Brian, Paddy, Tim and David sneaked off to watch the Grand Prix while chaos reigned!

Sue showing signs of despair!

Lynne with Sue

From Lynne's house on the golf course, we finally drove up to the Inn on the Vumba, where we were to stay. Unfortunately, there was no Zesa! ZESA stands for the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority and it has become a noun, as in, "There is no Zesa!" or, "When is the Zesa coming on?" So, dinner that night was by candlelight - very romantic! The electricity came on again at about 3 am, but was off again, just when we needed to wash and dry our hair the next day. Fortunately, Christine, the manageress, had promised to turn on the generator if there was no electricity.

Our candlelit dinner at the Inn on the Vumba. Along the left from front to back: Sue, Karen, Kathy, Flo, Tim and Me. From the right from front to back: Terry, Paddy, Bernard, David and Margy. Séan is missing, as he kindly took the photo.

Tea arrived at 6 am and David and Terry went for a run and a swim. I had a bath (no showers!!!) and washed my hair in the hope that Christine would hold to her promise. Finally, at 7:30 am the generator kicked into life and we all managed to get to breakfast at 8 am all ready coiffed.

After breakfast, we all dressed in our finery and, at 10 am departed for Leopard Rock Hotel and the golf club house, where we were all to gather ready for the wedding of Lauren to Steven.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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