The Zimbabwe Chronicles Part 3

This is the only picture of me in my wedding finery, complete with fascinator! 
Here, David and I are with Ruth and her two daughters. Terry is in the background.

Gradually, everyone arrived at Leopard Rock and we made our way to the ninth tee, where the wedding ceremony was to be held. Steven and his brother, Mike, waited by the magistrate's table as the guests gathered all around. Finally, Lauren arrived in a golf cart, driven by Brian William and accompanied by Lindsay, who looked stunning in a long red dress.

Lindsay looking stunning.

Dennis walked Lauren down the aisle strewn with flowers.

Lauren looked beautiful in a chocolate-brown dress and carried strelitzias as her bouquet. The magistrate conducted the ceremony and everything went smoothly - except when Mike handed over the box with the rings. When Steven opened the box it was empty. After a moment of sheer panic, Mike said, "Oh, are you looking for these?" and took the rings out of his pocket. The rest of the ceremony went without a hitch and the MDC choir sang beautiful African songs in celebration.

Steven's moment of panic as he discovers the rings are missing.

Presenting Mr and Mrs Cox.

The choir sang beautifully

Afterwards, we all made our way back to the club house for refreshments. Brian William took pity on his old auntie and drove me back in a golf cart. We stayed at the club house socialising for a couple of hours, before the family and close friends drove down the mountain for the wedding lunch at Brian's house in Mutare.

Brian, Brian and Lindsay.

The reception at the club house at the Leopard Rock Hotel.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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