The Zimbabwe Chronicles Part 5

Terry and Sue's home at Chitora

The next morning, surprise, surprise! No Zesa!! Breakfast was great though. Afterwards, we said farewell to the Inn on the Vumba and stopped off to say goodbye to Lynne, while Sue went to Brian's house to check things were OK after the wedding. Finally, Sue arrived with Lindsay and Brian and we were ble to say our goodbyes to all of them. (Lauren, Steven, baby Findlay and Brian William had left, with all their Aussie guests, for their African experience.)

Sue's lovely garden at Chitora

Sunset over Chitora.

We drove back to Chitora with Margy and Bernard to enjoy Terry and Sue's hospitality. Unfortunately, Margy and Bernard were leaving next morning, We were so sad to see them go. We, on the other hand, had a wonderful time staying with Terry and Sue. Every evening, David and Terry would run up the Kopje, while Sue and I went for a walk around the farm (or what is left of it after various people have claimed parts of it for themselves).

A view of the kopje.

Sue does a wonderful job for the local Africans. She has a virtual clinic in her house stocked with all sorts of medicines and bandages that are generally unavailable in the country (sourced from abroad at her own expense, and those of her friends and relatives). Many Africans cannot afford the hospital fees and so would go untreated for their ailments if it were not for people like Sue. The school that Terry built is now on land occupied by another person who does not want to be associated with it. Terry, and a neighbouring farmer, pay all the school fees of the 210 children enrolled there, as well as providing uniforms and all the resources. Zimbabwe would be a far sadder place without people like Terry and Sue.

Terry's tobacco crop is coming along nicely. The tobacco barns are in the background.

This is the grotto where Mum and Dad Coughlan, Sheelagh, and Jen Timms' Mother are all laid to rest. The stone on the right bears all the plaques, while the logs are seats for quiet contemplation.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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  1. Wow - I love all the photos! Looks like you had an amazing trip :-) Will give you a call to catch up tomorrow xxx


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