The Zimbabwe Chronicles Part 6

The Chairman of the Board of Governors makes his opening remarks.

We were thrilled to be invited to Peterhouse Speech Day, especially when we discovered that the guest speaker was none other than Neil Jardine! We arrived in time for morning tea on the chapel lawn, and met many old friends before proceeding to the chapel for the ceremony.

Lunch in the Rector's Garden.

Rodney, June, Neil and Pru

Speech day was as we remembered it from all those years ago. The staff and dignitaries processed in, while the choir sang Vita Nostra. Then we all sang the national anthem, 'Siimudzai mureza wedu weZimbabwe', before the Reverend George Martin said the opening prayers ...and so it began ...it was almost as we had never been away! The Rector, Jon Calderwood, gave his report; the boys were honoured and prizes given; Neil made a cracking speech, followed by an excellent speech by Takudzwa Mandiwanza, the Head Boy; the choir sang, 'Bawo Thixo Somandla', a traditional song ...and suddenly we were singing the school hymn and it was all over!

Barry, Jen and Polly

Graham, Liz and Simon

Jon, with David.

Fortunately, we were among the guests invited to lunch at The Rector's Lodge, where we were all wined and dined in style. It was such fun meeting old friends and reminiscing. It was over far too soon and we had to depart for Harare where we were to stay with Tim, Flo and Séan.

This is the new block, opposite the chapel, in Peterhouse.

This is where we used to live when we were at Peterhouse.

Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. I'm sure that tree next to the veranda was never that big! Great to see a picture of our house - I think that was one of the best places we lived - it certainly had the best trees to climb :-)

  2. Agreed! It was an amazing place to live and that tree wasn't there at all to my memory... Unless it was just too small to feature since we couldn't climb it.

  3. HOME! I am sure there are some pictures of us with that tree in the background...I;m guessing to the right of the picture is a tiny glimpse of the avocado tree? wow
    such memories..I think I remember more from that house than anywhere I've lived and that is where I was the youngest..although maybe it was the longest we ever lived in one house?


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