The Zimbabwe Chronicles Part 7

Our sojourn in Zimbabwe was rapidly coming to an end. At Tim and Flo's, we relaxed and watched rugby and cricket (yes, even I did!!!). I also had a chance to look at some of Flo's wildlife photos - absolutely stunning! On Saturday morning we went to look at Flo's latest project. She is renovating a house where her Harare offices will be based. Here is a photo (below). Next year I will take another when the house is complete. As you can see, it is a mammoth task!

That evening, Tim braaied for us again. It is so lovely to sit on his veranda on a balmy evening and relax over a few drinks and great food. He also cooked breakfast on the braai the next morning - delicious!

Breakfast on the veranda with Séan, Tim, David Theresa and Flo.

Tim and David enjoy their full English breakfast!

Eventually, the dreaded moment came when we had to leave. Tim dropped us off at the airport for our journey home, Getting through the formalities was very quick - there was hardly a soul there! The vendors in the departure lounge were crying out for business, but their goods are severely overpriced. I suppose, if you have been dealing in trillions, US$50 doesn't look like much!

David in Harare airport departures lounge.

Elizabeth Coughlan

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  1. I so wish i could go back to Zim and show Neil and Katelyn..I doubt we'll be able to afford that AND Perth though....perhaps another year...


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