The Goose is Getting Fat

Clare and Jessica in a festive mood.

Merry Christmas from David, Me, Clare, John and Jessica, here in Istanbul.

Clare, John and Jessica are here to spend Christmas with us. Jessica is so excited about Christmas. We have watched Father Christmas's message for Jessica online (thank you Jane), and we have tracked his progress through the world (thank you Suzi). Technology is amazing!

Clare and I have had such fun shopping in Istanbul. We are so lucky to be living in Bagdad Street, although I am not sure that David and John agree with us. Apart from the shopping there is always something going on that keeps us amused. Today it was the dancing Santas!

Santa and Mrs Claus dance the tango. 

Santa's band, courtesy of the local municipality.

Tomorrow we will catch a ferry to Europe and have Christmas brunch/lunch at the Swissôtel, overlooking the Bosphorus.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the coming year be the best ever.

John shows us the festive lights in Bagdad Street.

On Wednesday, Clare, John and Jessica depart for England and I will go with them, as David is off to Australia on a teacher recruitment drive. This already promises to be a busy year!

By the way, if you had a poinsettia for Christmas you might like to read, "How to keep a poinsettia going after Christmas".


  1. Ha Ha Mum, you are such a gad-about :) SOunds like you are all having fun. Happy travels to Norfolk and I can wait to see you in about 6 weeks!!!

  2. Also, so glad Jess got her chat with Santa and we also tracked him round the world, only found it after the kids had gone to bed though... next year :)


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