What is a webinar?

I have attended two webinars recently. Both were in America (remember that I am in Istanbul). One was a meeting to view proposed changes to the Helium website (an online writing group that I belong to), and the other was on writing for the web (given by an American university). So, what is a webinar?

The word "webinar" stands for "web based seminar". A webinar is not merely a viewing platform, but is an interactive seminar, where participants can ask questions and get immediate feedback from the presenters. Both the ones I attended gave powerpoint presentations, although I understand that video can also be used. You can also see the presenters in real time as they speak. There were even buttons for applause and laughter! I tested them out before the university webinar began and got and instant response, "Thank you for the applause, and the happy start to our webinar, Ellizabeth."

It was surprisingly easy to log on and take part, but the great thing is that I can now go back and review the university webinar as many times as I like. I will definitely consider signing up for more courses soon. It's definitely the way to go!

We have had glorious weather in Istanbul lately. There are still people sitting out in the pavement cafés, it is so warm. Although, now that they have brought in a smoking-ban for restaurants, I suspect that no matter how cold it gets, people will still try to sit outside rather than do without a drag.

Over the four-day holiday, David and I have been for daily power-walks along the sea shore. We really are very lucky to have such a lovely place to exercise. I hope the weather stays fine for Clare, John and Jessica's visit over Christmas.

Elizabeth Coughlan


  1. How lovely! Unfortunately now that summer has hit, Katelyn and I cannot enjoy our little walks as much as we are plagued by flies and dust and the heat it just too much for either of us, especially trying to do some exercise! Hooray for the Wii Fit! (The board asked me the other day if "Mummy" has given up on her fitness so quickly!! hee hee, I tried to tell it you were overseas and would be back in April but I'm afraid they seem to be one way conversations!)

  2. Hello Liz
    Did your webinar use Elluminate through Learn Central? Have you signed up for Learn Central - if you do, you can get your own "room" and invite people in to it. Only 4 at any one time, unless you pay for the service.
    Just two weeks to go. Have a great Christmas (you and the girls and families)
    J and C

  3. Hi Judith

    I don't think we used Elluminate. I accessed the webinar through the university 's own website portal. I didn't need to download anything. It was really easy. I'll check out Learn Central, it sounds interesting.

    Where are you off to this Christmas? Wherever it is, have a great one! xx

    PS I've been waiting all year for Catherine to update her blog!!!!!

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