Flying into Summer

David and I left the depths of a European winter and jetted off into a South African summer. Our first stop was Johannesburg, where we stayed with Paddy, Irene, Karen, Bedi and the boys. It was so lovely to see them all. Our family is so spread around the world that we savour the moments when we can spend time together.

Irene and I went to the Chinese market, where we bought some crystals to make jewellery, while David and Paddy watched the tennis finals. That evening, Paddy treated all of us to a wonderful dinner at Adega, a Portuguese restaurant.

From the left: Kian, Irene, Paddy, David, Karen, Liam and Ian enjoying a meal at Adega's.

Then we flew to Durban to stay with Jane, Sean, Shannon and Jordan. David stayed for a few days as he had to get back to Istanbul, but I will be here until 11th March, when I go to Cape Town.

Jane and I are having a productive time, as we sit at our computers every morning while the children are at school. Jane has a contract to edit and update the content of www.ihatetaxis.com - plus other writing, while I am adding to my portfolio at Helium.

Shannon and Jordan are a delight, and it is lovely to watch them as they learn new things every day. We are very blessed to be able to visit our far flung family.

Shannon and Jordan



David flew to San Francisco yesterday, to recruit more teachers for his schools. We wish him well and hope he finds what he s looking for!!

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