More Good Things to Eat in South Africa!

From the left: Sean, Me, Sherry, Viv, Gary and Lindsay.

On Sunday, we went to dinner with Jane and Sean's lovely neighbours, Viv, Lindsay and Gary, and another friend, Sherry. We had such a good evening. Lindsay made two wonderful meat loaves, served with mashed potato, peas, gravy, and a tomato and basil salad. Delicious! This was followed by ice cream and Viv's home-made butterscotch sauce, which solidified on impact with the ice cream. Yum!

The sauce was so more-ish that Sean scraped out the jug!

Jane, not to be outdone, snatched it from him and finished it herself. I must say, I was quite envious!

Tuesday was book club night. Once a month, Jane and friends meet to discuss the books they have read and enjoy dinner together - although it appears that more wine is drunk than books are discussed! Anyhow, the evening was a great success and I, for one, enjoyed myself immensely. I do hope I get to go again next time I am visiting Jane.

From the left: Jane, Caroline, Heather, Tracy and Heather.

Tomorrow, I am off to Cape Town to stay with Kathy and Eric. Lucky Me!! - although I will be sad to leave Jane, Sean, Shannon and Jordan, as I my stay with them has been wonderful.


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