A Night to Remember

From the left: me, Brian, Jane, Billy, Lynne, Sean and Judy (Lauren kindly took the photo)

We had a splendid evening at Billy and Judy's house yesterday.Their daughter, Lauren, cooked us a magnificent meal and that, together with the wine, put us all in such good spirits that we hardly stopped laughing all evening. It was great to catch up with Billy and Judy after so long, and we were so happy that Brian and Lynne could be there too. We do miss family and friends, now that they are scattered all over the world, and we savour those precious moments when we can be together. We were only sorry that David wasn't with us. He would have really enjoyed himself!

Me with Brian

Judy and Lauren

Brian and Lynne

Sean and Jane

Billy and Lynne


  1. Gorgeous photos of everyone, wish I could have been there too!

  2. We wish you could have been there too!!


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