Rain or shine, it's all happening here in Istanbul!

The vuvuzela has come to Istanbul and is being sold all along Bağdad Caddesi. Fortunately, all we can hear is the odd mournful bleat, as no one seems to have fully mastered the art of blowing one yet. I await the coming football season with trepidation. Will the vuvuzela become an integral part of Turkish football matches or not? For those who missed the graphic representation of the first vuvuzelas, I reproduce it here (unashamedly lifted from Vanessa's Facebook page). It is too funny!

The vuvuzela: annoying people since 1660.

It is summer here in Istanbul, but what a strange summer it is. The weather ranges between searing heat and cooler days with pouring rain, which is surprising, as the climatic patterns in this part of the world should be hot and dry in the summer, and cold and wet in the winter.

On good days our local beaches are full and there are far fewer people in the streets. Many people have already left Istanbul for their summer homes.

Locals enjoying a lazy day at the beach

Some have taken to the water to escape the heat.

This is good news for the traffic, which is managing to flow swiftly along our street, making it difficult to cross. David and I were standing on the edge of the road waiting for a break in the traffic the other day, when a taxi driver, who was parked nearby, got out of his cab and escorted us across the road. He just held up his hand and stopped the traffic. I think he thought we we were being too cautious.

On sunny weekends, we often hear bands playing as they pass by, leading a group promoting one product or another. They often give out free samples too. These were giving out free caps.

...and these two were giving out free Menthos peppermints.

But today it is raining, so there are no bands, but plenty of people shopping (a non-stop activity in our street).

Les Parapluies d' Istanbul

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  1. I visited Istanbul in April this year, for the first time, with some friends to celebrate my 60th. What a wonderful city and a must to revisit. You are so lucky to be spending time there.



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