Time Flies in Hunstanton, England!

The Breckland Brass Band played in Hunstanton.

The days are flying past. I can't believe that I have been in England for two weeks already and haven't done half the things I intended to do! Last Sunday, Jessica and I went to Hunstanton,with Clare, where she was playing in the Breckland Brass Band. We had such fun taking photos and listening to the band.

 Clare can be seen in the centre, playing her E Flat Horn.

 Jessica with her camera.

All this week, John and Jessica have been at Barracudas, where John is the manager. It is a children's activity camp, designed to keep children occupied during the long summer holidays. They cover an enormous amount of activities, Jessica's list of activities for this week includes Aqua-slide, Archery, Arts and Craft, Badminton, Bench Ball, Bouncy Castle, Circus Skills, Climbing Wall, Dance/Drama, Dodge Ball, Face Painting, Football, Motor Sports, Parachute Games, Rounders, Swimming, Trampoline and Water-fights. Jessica loves going to Barracudas and thoroughly enjoys taking part in all the activities.

Clare had a day off on Friday, so we took a trip to Holt, a place we had last visited in July 2008. Holt is a very popular tourist destination in Norfolk and everywhere was quite crowded. We enjoyed walking around the ancient streets and had lunch in Byfords Restaurant and delicatessen, which is in the oldest house in the village.

David and Clare in Holt. (They hadn't realised they were standing under this sign!) I might add that the the term "Normal for Norfolk" (or NFN) is used by doctors to describe someone who, anywhere else would be considered strange, but is not unusual in Norfolk! I think is is something to do with the fact that, in olden days, Norfolk was quite isolated and in-breeding was fairly common.

 Clare and David each chose the Cheeseboard

I chose the Deliboard for lunch.

In Holt, we came across these strange creatures with their handler.


  1. How lovely! I love Jessica's hat! She'd fit right in over here! I would have enjoyed that lunch too!! YUMMY..and oh look, there is Clare again decked out in my clothes!

  2. MMMmmmmm, I love Jessica's hat too! She looks very chic! Sounds like you are all having a great time.


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