October 29 2010, Turkish Republic Day

Yesterday, October 29, Turkey celebrated 87 years of the Republic of Turkey. It was a public holiday, and everyone was in a festive mood. Bunting flapped from every lamp post, and Turkish flags flew everywhere. In the evening, thousands of people took to the streets in a celebratory mood.

The Carnaval Turco percussion group had the crowd dancing 
and waving their flags

In Bağdat Caddesi, they gathered in large groups, singing patriotic songs, dancing, or listening to old recorded speeches by Atatürk. Fortunately, the police had cordoned off the traffic, as a tidal wave of marchers flowed down our street, waving flags and carrying banners showing images of Kemal Atatürk. They all seemed deliriously happy, and full of pride for their country.

Thousands of people marched down the streets, 
waving flags and carrying banners

Bağdat Caddesi was full to overflowing of happy people celebrating, and the amazing thing was, we only saw one obviously drunk man, and absolutely no loutish behaviour at all, during the whole evening! ...and, when we woke this morning, the streets were pristine clean again, thanks to the local municipality workers. Is this where "lessons could be learned", especially in the UK?


  1. Hello there Lizzie and David. Just been doing some reading and catching up with what you are up to. Photography club sounds great. You certainly make the most of opportunities. Will send an email and update from the Greens soon.

  2. Considering this is a city of approx 12 million, it is amazing how well it is kept! You must have had a bird's eye view of the proceedings!

    see you soon??

  3. We'd love to hear from you Raewyn, and catch up with your news. You've been rather remiss with your blog lately! Yes, I am really enjoying photography club. Istanbul has endless photographic opportunities.

  4. Hi Claudia! Any visitor we've had has always remarked on how clean and tidy Istanbul is. The rubbish is collected every day and there are always street sweepers around. as you say, it is amazing!

    As for the Republic Day celebrations. We were right in the thick of things in the street, but everyone was really well behaved - just deliriously happy and excited.


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